Meet Jackie Jones – A 20-something Business Owner

Jackie Jones - 20-something Business Owner

I’d met Jackie once before our chat for this blog. Right away, I knew I liked her. She’s got just the right balance of fun, friendly and laid-back with a splash of sassy (which I always love). She’s open-minded and realistic at the same time. And, most importantly, she’s working toward her dreams. The first time we met, we talked about her new business and some marketing tactics that could help her take it to the next level. This time, I got to know Jackie even better and got some insight into what makes Jacquelyn Rachel Photography her baby.

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Jackie grew up knowing she wanted to tell stories. She pictured herself locked away in a cabin, penning the great American novel. But, her fun, energetic personality couldn’t stay cooped up for long, so her life took another direction. She continued her passion for writing throughout college and got a job working for a trade publication — the not-so-glamorous stuff that pays the bills.

But, her creativity wasn’t stifled and in her free time Jackie continued to search for creative outlets. On a whim, she bought a camera and began to teach herself how to use its features and settings. Not willing to practice her craft on people quite yet, Jackie mastered the art of landscape photography. She laughs now thinking about all the pictures of leaves she’s taken. As her skill and desire to learn more evolved, people started to creep into the frame. Today, Jackie is a wedding and portrait photographer and her business is starting to really take off.

It’s nerve-wracking when you think about it: Capturing people’s most important moments. There’s no do-over. But, Jackie loves telling people’s stories. She always has. And it’s important to her that as her business evolves, she stays true to her vision and tries to only work with brides that truly love her work (and not just her pricing). Many of her subjects have become her friends and she’s determined to continue to work with people she can connect with. It’s this commitment to both her clients and her art that make Jackie an inspirational 20-something business owner.

So, what are Jackie’s tips for young people looking to start their own businesses?

  1. Don’t leave your day job until you feel ready. There’s nothing worse than letting your need to make money influence your desire to make art.
  2. Follow your dream, not someone else’s. It’s critical to identify what’s important for you and if it’s not money, you don’t need to feel guilty about that.
  3. Saying “no” doesn’t make you a bad person; it makes you a businessperson.

Check out Jackie’s work and get inspired at:

Also, if you’re interested in being featured as a 20-something Business Owner, please leave a comment below with a link to your website or blog. It’s really important that our community is inspired by each other!

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3 responses to “Meet Jackie Jones – A 20-something Business Owner”

  1. Christy LeMire says :

    I can relate! Thanks for sharing Jackie’s story and tips!

  2. Sarah Joy Obana says :

    Love Jackie and her art!

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