Marketing Article Roundup – October 12

Staring at this computer screen and my fingertips are refusing to move. That can only mean one thing – it’s Friday. Which can only mean one other thing – it’s time for the Internet Marketing Article Roundup! Oh and a nap, it’s most certainly time for a nap situation.

So, before I fall asleep, let’s get to the  magic.

25 Facebook tips every social media manager needs

This one has lots of Facebook page basics, as well as a few things you might not be doing, like targeting posts to specific demographics, and implementing a recommendations box.

How to Use the New Google Analytics Social Reporting Tool

You know what I always say… No, not that I need a nap… I always say analytics are your best friend. You can’t optimize your web presence without knowing what’s working and what’s not. Google Analytics, which is free, is providing even more ways to track your online footprint and determine your marketing success.

How to Pitch Freelancer Natalie Alcala, Racked LA, Blackbook, Vogue

We all want to be Internet famous, right? Oh, is that just me? Either way, it’s a good idea to get your biz out on the blogs and in front of new readers. Natalie Alcala is a freelance writer who is giving bloggers some great tips on how to pitch.

That’s all I’ve got this week, homies. If you’ve found an article that you simply can’t live without please let me know in the comments.

Pinterest Optimization – Cool Marketing Tool Thursday

Today’s cool marketing tool was sent my way by the beautiful and talented Jenna Britton of Jenna Nicole Writes. If you need help with web copy (especially writing your own bio, which can be excruciating) make sure to check her out! Aside from being a great writer, she’s also a good friend and a connecter of awesome people (me) with brilliant information (the infographic).

Are you using Pinterest for your business? I am! 

Pinterest is driving more traffic to sites than YouTube and if you have visual content, should be a part of your marketing mix. But, like any tool in your marketing arsenal, you shouldn’t start using it because “Donna said so.” You should draft a strategic plan of action (need help? contact me) with tactics that will help you reach your goals. The good news? This handy infographic will get you off to a great start.

If you’re using Pinterest, please share a link to your account in the comments so that we can follow along!

Playing Catch Up

In the days since we last chatted, I’ve had a few interesting experiences that I want to share with you and pass on a few lessons learned.

The Conference

A couple of weeks ago I attended a conference (whose name will be withheld because I don’t want to be a blogging bad-mouther) and walked away feeling underwhelmed and ripped off. You see, I paid full price for a ticket to this conference because it’s one I had attended in the past (under different management) and loved. Last time, I walked away feeling totally energized, inspired and buzzing. So, when I saw that it was back in town, I scooped up a ticket and sent the link to friends so they could do the same. Then, two days before the event, Twitter is blowing up with discounted tickets for sale. Like, really discounted tickets. Like 80% off what I had paid!

I try to keep it classy on this blog – but I was super pissed. I was a loyal customer who was attending this event and had recommended it to colleagues and now they were slashing prices on tickets days before the event and weeks after I purchased my non-refundable ticket. Not cool. 

As you can see, my nephew Davey is totally not impressed.

Lesson Learned: Don’t punish your loyal fans, no matter how desperate you’re getting. A better solution would have been to send an email to people who had already purchased tickets – like me – and offer them free tickets for friends or give full-price ticket payers VIP benefits. But, alas, they didn’t even provide me with lunch. Needless to say, I will not attend this event again next year.

Setting Intentions

The last few weeks have taught me some great lessons in setting intentions and taking action. The summer was a slow. I think everyone was too hot to think. Proposals were going unanswered, clients were taking vacations and we were all just kind of hot and bothered. But, businesses don’t take summer vacations and I had to shake things up. I set some goals and kicked my butt into planning, creating and following up.

Lesson Learned: It’s not my problem if no one else feels like working, I need to stay relevant and hustling. By being ready to jump and take action, I’ve landed some new clients and have grown with some existing ones. Plus, I’ve got an exciting new venture with my business partner Nailah Blades, which we’ve been working like crazy on all summer long. Don’t fall into the downtime trap – always be working toward your goals.

What lessons did you learn this summer? What things are you changing or making better? Did you have a good or bad experience that made you rethink things? Chat with me!

Business and Marketing Article Roundup – September 21

It’s Friday! You made it through another week (although, as a small business owner the weeks really never end. But, congratulations anyway!) I’m bringing back an old friend – the article roundup. I’ve had the chance to read lots of great articles this week and I’m happy to share them with you.

First, I want to share a little more about the Young, Female Entrepreneur event I spoke at last week. I love this group and was honored to share the spotlight with the fabulous Nailah Blades to talk about the 5 Not-So-Sparkly Truths of Entrepreneurship. Erin, the YFELA hostess, wrote a great recap of the event with all the details and testimonials. If you missed the event, but would still like the PDF download of my talk, just head over to my new site – more details about this coming soon – and get on the VIP list.

YFELA Mixer Speakers - Donna Queza and Nailah Blades

Ok. I guess I’ll talk about someone other than me now. But, let’s just agree that we all secretly love talking about me the most.

The Power of Pictures: A Roundup of Resources for Maximizing Visual Content

Yes, you read that right. I’m giving you a link to a roundup in my roundup. Don’t say I’ve never done anything for you. Photos, videos, inforgraphics – visual storytelling is an increasingly important component of your online marketing efforts. This handy article provides a number of resources for how and why to create dynamic graphic content.

5 Reasons to Use Fancy Instead of Pinterest

I like Pinterest. It’s becoming a more and more important tool in many bloggers’ marketing toolkit (hence the need for visual content). But, it’s not the only game in town. This article gives some interesting reasons why you should also consider Fancy – a site similar to Pinterest with some added features for vendors.

7 Great Ways to Find Free Images Online

The last article – and keeping with the importance of images theme – here is a great list of resources to find free images for your blog. Plus, it defines what a free image really is, so you don’t end up in image-thief prison. Speaking of – the picture above was taken by the fabulous Nicole Lennox.

Business Cards – Cool Marketing Tool Thursday

Today we’re kickin’ it old school. With the invention of the Internets and the World Wide Webs, people lost a small piece of their humanity. Well, I’m not sure it’s so much their humanity as it is actual, tangible ways of contacting them. Like, home phones (poll in the comments, who still has a land line?) And business cards.

Yesterday I read a great article about in-person networking by Jules Taggart of Kickstart Kitchen. She provides a lot of really good tips on how to maximize your experience and how not to be “that girl.” If you follow her tips, you’ll walk away from your next networking event with confidence and connections. Jules’ words got me thinking. What would be my tip to anyone attending a networking event?

My answer: bring your business cards!

Every time I go to a meeting or event, I am surprised to meet at least one (and usually more) people who don’t have a card. Typically, they haven’t launched their businesses (officially) yet and might not have branding in place. Don’t let this stop you. 

<– This was my first business card. I didn’t have a brand or website up yet, but it had all the basics of where people could find me.

My cool tool today is MOO. MOO is a printing company that produces affordable, attractive business collaterals. There are about 10 million printers out there, but I’m recommending MOO for people who have not yet established their brands for three reasons:

  1. Cheap. You can get a pack of cards for as little as $14.99
  2. Pretty. They offer all kinds of pre-made designs that don’t consist of cheesy clip art. You’ll look like a pro, even while you’re working on becoming one.
  3. Mini. Their signature mini cards are half the size of a regular business card. You might only have your name, phone number and email address on the card (you should at least have this info), so you don’t need lots of room.

What are the old school marketing tools that you just can’t live without?

And, in honor of the good ol’ days and my dear friend Christina Dely‘s birthday, here’s a little treat to get you through the rest of the week!

Don’t Waste Time on Comparisons – Wednesday Marketing Quick Tip

Today’s quick tip is to help you change a bad behavior and turn it into an opportunity to learn. With so many updates being blasted all over the web, it can become easy to start comparing yourself to others. Did someone you know recently get published on a blog you love? Did a friend get a shout out from a Tweeter you admire? You want to be happy for them, but you find yourself thinking, “Why them?”

This can lead to negative thoughts about yourself or the other person. But, there’s really no need for all of that!

Business Jealousy - Turning Jealousy into Profits

If you see someone doing something you’d like to be doing, reach out and ask him or her how they accomplished this goal. They’ll appreciate the interest and you’ll learn something new!


Young, Female Entrepreneurs Working it in Los Angeles

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with Nailah Blades at an event for young, female entrepreneurs. I’ll be filling you in on all the juicy details soon, but today I wanted to talk about what happened before the event. The founder of YFE – Jennifer Donogh – invited Nailah and I to chat with her on a live stream.

Since it’s 5 days later, it’s safe to say you missed the “live” component. But, I’ve got the next best thing… the not-live-but-still-awesome recording, where you’ll hear from Erin of Well in LA and Sharzad of Lux Lyfe, too.

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