Business Cards – Cool Marketing Tool Thursday

Today we’re kickin’ it old school. With the invention of the Internets and the World Wide Webs, people lost a small piece of their humanity. Well, I’m not sure it’s so much their humanity as it is actual, tangible ways of contacting them. Like, home phones (poll in the comments, who still has a land line?) And business cards.

Yesterday I read a great article about in-person networking by Jules Taggart of Kickstart Kitchen. She provides a lot of really good tips on how to maximize your experience and how not to be “that girl.” If you follow her tips, you’ll walk away from your next networking event with confidence and connections. Jules’ words got me thinking. What would be my tip to anyone attending a networking event?

My answer: bring your business cards!

Every time I go to a meeting or event, I am surprised to meet at least one (and usually more) people who don’t have a card. Typically, they haven’t launched their businesses (officially) yet and might not have branding in place. Don’t let this stop you. 

<– This was my first business card. I didn’t have a brand or website up yet, but it had all the basics of where people could find me.

My cool tool today is MOO. MOO is a printing company that produces affordable, attractive business collaterals. There are about 10 million printers out there, but I’m recommending MOO for people who have not yet established their brands for three reasons:

  1. Cheap. You can get a pack of cards for as little as $14.99
  2. Pretty. They offer all kinds of pre-made designs that don’t consist of cheesy clip art. You’ll look like a pro, even while you’re working on becoming one.
  3. Mini. Their signature mini cards are half the size of a regular business card. You might only have your name, phone number and email address on the card (you should at least have this info), so you don’t need lots of room.

What are the old school marketing tools that you just can’t live without?

And, in honor of the good ol’ days and my dear friend Christina Dely‘s birthday, here’s a little treat to get you through the rest of the week!

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About Donna Queza

I'm an optimist grounded in realism. That's what I love about working on the web -- the possibilities to be creative and distinctive are endless, but there's always a need for those reality-driven, data-fueld folks who make our dreams into realities. I like to think I hover somewhere in the middle - creative, quantifiable internet marketing solutions.

7 responses to “Business Cards – Cool Marketing Tool Thursday”

  1. Christina Dely says :

    This is pretty much the best birthday gift ever… I mean, a shout out on the famous Marketing Optimist blog AND a video clip of the Hot Sundaes! It just doesn’t get any better! XO

  2. Erin Haslag (@WELLinLA) says :

    Good round-up! MOO has such a great selection of designs and quality.

  3. julietaggart says :

    Thanks for the shout out, Donna! I love the Moo mini-cards! People always look at them a little bit longer. Hey — do what works, right?

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