A Personal Rant About Emails

Whenever I work with clients, I’m a little bit of a party pooper. I’m always reminding them about CAN-SPAM laws and Facebook regulations. I’m not the cool consultant who lets you underage drink at my house and won’t tell your parents. Over here it’s lights out at 10 with a cup of warm milk.

That might not be for everyone, and I totally get that. But it’s my job as a professional to work ethically and keep my clients up-to-date.

Which is why it really ticks me off when I see people who brand themselves as marketing professionals who constantly break these rules. I’ve gotten a few emails in the last week that I never opted in to receive and that have no way – that I can identify – to opt out. So, my only option would be to send an email directly to the person and hope that she removes me from her list.

That’s not cool. It’s awkward and annoying. And, it’s against the rules.

Spamming people does not make people want to buy your product. It does not make people want to refer their colleagues to you. It just makes them mad and then, in turn, makes them passively aggressively write nasty blog posts about you.

So, if you’re thinking about sending emails to your clients and prospects (which can be a very effective strategy for some businesses) here’s what you should do:

  • Set up an account with MailChimp. It’s free and very easy to use
  • Create a list and opt in form in your new account. You can even add a code on your website and Facebook page to capture addresses.
  • Promote your sign up form. Publicize it on Twitter, Facebook and in your email signature line. Send personal emails to your clients asking that they sign up and give them a great reason why (discounts, tips, VIP access…)
  • Generate great content and send it to the people that WANT it.

When you use a service like MailChimp, you are sure that everyone has opted in and that they can easily opt out if the information is no longer needed. it’s a simple and free process and it will actually help build your list beyond people you know personally or have met at a networking event.

If you think this message is about you – it’s not. But, if you’re practicing this annoying tactic, you should change now before I’m forced to write another nagging post. And, if you need help building your list, I’m happy to pour you a glass of milk and have a chat. Fill out the form on the homepage for a free consultation.

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About Donna Queza

I'm an optimist grounded in realism. That's what I love about working on the web -- the possibilities to be creative and distinctive are endless, but there's always a need for those reality-driven, data-fueld folks who make our dreams into realities. I like to think I hover somewhere in the middle - creative, quantifiable internet marketing solutions.

6 responses to “A Personal Rant About Emails”

  1. Erin Haslag (@WELLinLA) says :

    I love the sarcastic quips! Having also recently had items creeping into my inbox without my consent or permission I share your frustration.

    • Donna Queza says :

      I decided I should probably add a solution, since the first draft was mostly just complaining! It gets pretty annoying to be forced information and as frustrated consumers, we should also consider this when communicating with our own clients.

  2. Christina Dely says :

    Very informative! Thanks Donna!

  3. ittybittypartycommittee says :

    Thank you for saying what most of us are thinking Donna. Can’t tell you the number of times I find myself saying “GO AWAY” to emails in the inbox that I never asked for. 🙂

    • Donna Queza says :

      I do what I can! 🙂

      It’s an annoying practice on all fronts, but when I see marketing and branding people do it, it drives me nuts. We’ve got to have some ethics, people!

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