How do you tame your creative brain?

Tame Your Creative Brain

Have you ever noticed that the more things you have to think about – whether you’re taking action on them or not – the more overwhelmed you become? As task lists grow, it can often become difficult to prioritize creativity and those moments where your mind wonders become few and far between. I’ve been finding myself in the position a lot lately – trying to find a balance between structuring my day (which is necessary if I want to get anything done) and giving myself the freedom to think outside the box.

So, today’s post is a little different. I really want to know your tips. How do you tame your creative brain? What little things to you to to stay productive and creative? I’ll share a few of the things I’m trying and I hope you’ll do the same!

  • I’m a big believer in work/life balance, so I’m pretty good at walking away from the computer in the afternoon and not checking email on the weekends. But, that doesn’t mean I ever really stop thinking about my clients or my business. I’ve taken to keeping a notebook with me so that I can jot down all the brilliant ideas I have during my off time.
  • I’m trying to schedule time when I walk away from my desk for 30 minutes a day and do something else. Often, when I sit back down I’m re-energized and ready to work!
  • My favorite thing to do – talk to smart people! Having a buddy (or two, or three) who you can bounce ideas off of and get inspired by is a great way to schedule some creative time into your day.

What works for you?

Need more tips? Check out this great piece on Taming the Wild Mind. 

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About Donna Queza

I'm an optimist grounded in realism. That's what I love about working on the web -- the possibilities to be creative and distinctive are endless, but there's always a need for those reality-driven, data-fueld folks who make our dreams into realities. I like to think I hover somewhere in the middle - creative, quantifiable internet marketing solutions.

2 responses to “How do you tame your creative brain?”

  1. bmcbride2302 says :

    I feel like I only have so much creativity in a day. I look at it as a bar, and I can feel it fading later in the day. When I know I’m being the most creative I can be I turn on my favorite artists and shut my door and just write whatever I want. If I feel it should be edited, I edit it. But almost always I like how it feels and leave it be. Cool post.

  2. bmcbride2302 says :

    Turn on my favorite artist and shut my door. Let it all out and if I like how it feels, I leave it.

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