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As you’ve probably figured out by now, most businesses won’t just market themselves. Sometimes you have to put on your thinking cap and get the word out about what you do. That’s what I love about Meghan. She’s spent this year really getting out there to promote her photography business and coming up with creative ideas to make a splash. I’m so excited that she’s willing to share some of those great tips with us!

Meghan Christine Photography

Hi, I’m Meghan, owner and principle photographer behind Meghan Christine Photography!

To be honest, when Donna asked me to write some “tips” for her 12 Days of Christmas blog series, I really had no idea what to write about.  While I love what I do, it’s slightly intimidating to think about giving photography suggestions to others! And then, all of a sudden, it hit me.  In the past few days, I have had more than one person ask me about my secret to networking and getting so many blog features. Here’s my story…

The first wedding I ever shot was a beautiful DIY event with a budget of only $2200. Once I knew that, it crossed my mind that the blog Budget Savvy Bride may want to take a look at how such a small budget produced such a creative wedding. To my joy, Budget Savvy Bride loved it, and wanted to feature it. That feature yielded three wedding inquires and two bookings (one of which was out of state). That one experience opened my eyes to the influence that blogs could have to make a name for myself in the photography world.

So, here they are. My top 3 tips to get a blog feature:

  1. Build relationships. Start by building relationships with blogs! The ways I have been able to do this most is via Facebook and Twitter. Get to know them and what they are about, and in turn, they will get to know you.
  2. Submit, submit, submit! No matter what kind of photography you do, there are blogs featuring your style. Personally, I look for wedding blogs, family blogs and baby blogs, as those are the types of shoots I want to book. Whatever your niche, find a blog whose target audience matches your own. Side note:  Most blogs are exclusive, so make sure you read that blog’s specific requirements before submitting!
  3. Don’t get discouraged. Believe me, with as often as it seems I have been featured, I’ve been rejected by blogs even more. The key is to not give up! Blogs get a TON of submissions daily, and they are typically looking for pretty specific content.  While your submission may be beautiful or great work, it just may not be a good fit for their blog at the time. But another blog may adore it, so keep on trying!

I’d love to share more tips with you and find out what’s working (and what isn’t) in the world of blogging — you can find me on Facebook and Twitter. Merry Christmas!

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