The Power of Small Business Partnerships – Emilee and Meghan

I’m starting this story with a little inspiration (because that’s what these two ladies have consistently provided to me).

You’re amazing.

Whether you’re self-employed, working a 9-5, at home raising your kids, or taking time to create art – you’re amazing. The fact that you are doing something you love (no matter how little time you’re able to spend doing it) makes you amazing. So, give yourself a little pat on the back.

Isn’t it nice to hear that? Doesn’t it feel good to know that you don’t have to know everything to be amazing? Sometimes when you’re running your own business and you’re bogged down with clients and projects, it can become easy to forget that. It gets too easy to focus on what you’re not so good at — those tasks that are piling up on your desk. Your finances, insurance, marketing… all the stuff that makes working for yourself a constant question of your own sanity.

Sometimes you just need someone to say, “You’re amazing.”

Meghan Christine Photography


That brings me to Meghan and Emilee. You see, Meghan (the talented, savvy photographer behind the lens at Meghan Christine Photography) and Emilee (the adorable stylist and designer of Tasteful Tatters) are friends, small business owners and a support system for one another. They collaborate on projects together, but their most important work comes from the brainstorming and pep talks they give.

Emilee Hegg - Tasteful Tatters


Meghan and Emilee have particularly inspired me because they’ve identified ways they can work together to add value to what they each do. Emilee credits Meghan’s professional photos for driving sales in her Etsy shop. For Emilee, what started out in 2009 as an affordable way to continue her love for purchasing accessories has evolved into a line of her own handmade “tatters” for women, children and even the home. She has recently launched fulltime into her business and is using her years of public relations and event planning experience to guide her along the way.

Emilee’s experience has helped Meghan in her business, as well. Meghan has had the opportunity to work on styled photo shoots to showcase her work for publication thanks to Emilee’s staging and artistic direction. Meghan started taking photos as a hobby, but it soon evolved into a passion and, in December 2009, she launched Meghan Christine Photography. Since then, she’s appeared on a number of bridal blogs and is making a name for herself in the wedding photography industry.

As their friendship and businesses grow, they continue to inspire one another.

Adam & Eve Styled Shoot - Meghan Christine Photography

Adam & Eve Styled Shoot (photo by Meghan / styling by Emilee)

Do you have someone who you partner with? How does partnering add value for your clients while providing you personal and professional fulfillment? I’d love to hear more about these types of exceptional relationships.

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  1. Meghan Christine Photography says :

    Thanks so much for the honor of being interviewed! Feel blessed to have so many amazing friends in the Creative World!

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