Meet Katelyn Groth – A 20-something Business Owner

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I’m proud to say that Katelyn is the first 20-something Business Owner to come to me by way of this blog. Her fabulous friend Christy (of the Gown Swap) was featured a few weeks ago, and after reading her story, Katelyn got in contact with me. I am so excited to see our community grow and I’m even more excited to bring you another amazing young entrepreneur.


In a hurry to grow up, Katelyn finished high school early, enrolled at FIDM and quickly earned her degree. She was motivated and resourceful, but at such a young age she didn’t have a clear direction. Determined, she didn’t let that stop her.

Fresh out of school, Katelyn got a job designing displays for Macy’s. With no budget to speak of, she was forced to work miracles. She got creative and used paint to make bold statements. Later, when she quit her job at the department store, Katelyn took her acquired skills and went out on her own to paint houses. When her arms and legs ached from painting all day, she decided to make a change and pursue her passion for design. She began working with an established Orange County interior designer, catering to the needs of wealthy clients with big expectations and huge budgets.

Katelyn has not only adapted to survive, she’s adapted to grow, learn and gain confidence in her abundant skills. Like so many young entrepreneurs, Katelyn hasn’t always been sure of her talents. But, she realized that by working for others she wasn’t moving her career (and her passion) forward, so she took the next step and isn’t looking back.

Today, Katelyn runs her own design firm – Bessant Designs. She works with her clients as a sort of “design coach.” Bringing their ideas to life – not forcing her vision and style down their throats. She prides herself in making decorating accessible to the masses and specializes in realistic interior designs.

A mother of two, Katelyn enjoys growing her business as her children get older. And as her business matures it also evolves. Recently, Katelyn has expanded her services to including styling (interiors, photo shoots, fashion). She’s not limiting her business or herself. It’s her resourcefulness and adaptability that make Katelyn an inspirational 20-something Business Owner.

Make sure to show Bessant Designs some love here:

Katelyn’s years of experience have left her with a few great lessons to share:

  1. Intellectual property has (a lot of) value. Don’t sell yourself short because you have nothing tangible to sell, your thoughts, knowledge and expertise is your product.
  2. Stand strong in what you know is right. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and let your view been known, that’s the best way to gain experience.
  3. You shouldn’t be ashamed to talk money. This can be intimidating sometimes, but it’s important to know your own worth and explain that to your clients.

I’m so happy that Katelyn connected with me to share her story. I hope you’ll do the same! Leave a comment to show Katelyn some support and to contribute to the continuation of this series.

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