Meet Nailah Blades – A 20-something Business Owner

Nailah Blades - 20-something Business Owner

I was a guest speaker at an event a while back, spreading some of my marketing mojo, when I met Nailah Blades. Within five minutes of talking to her, I was convinced that she should probably be passing her mojo along to the group and I would attentively and happily jot down notes. She’s a business and life coach who “connects the dots of your 20-something life.” As soon as I got home I looked her up. Her website, her brand, her messaging, everything was talking directly to me. I knew I needed to know her better – a lunch date was in order. Now a couple of months (and one very exciting project) later, I am thrilled to have her on the blog!


Nailah is one of those people – she’s got it together. She went to USC, graduated and got a great corporate job. She was making money, driving a company car and working her way up the ladder. Things were going great. Her trajectory was on target, but, as it turns out, her bull’s-eye just wasn’t quite right. Nailah was living someone else’s dream life.

After a lot of soul searching, she realized that the things that made her really happy were mentoring and teaching others. The idea for her business began to form and she began to take steps to become a smart, savvy business coach.

Earlier this year, following her training and certification to become a coach, Nailah decided to break free from the comfort of corporate America and launch full time into her business – Polka Dot Coaching. Nailah is a true inspiration to the “twenty-something women who are teetering on the edge of greatness” who she coaches. She stopped teetering and started doing!

What I personally love about her style is that she tells it like it is. She empowers women by giving them tangible advice. She brings out the best in others in a real way. She’s not leading you on some mystic journey; she’s helping you see the real life that’s within your reach. I love that.

I also love that she still gets excited every time she visits her own website (by the way, I do that, too). As a one-woman-show, her brand is an extension of her. Everything you read or see with the Polka Dot Coaching brand is a little piece of Nailah. And that’s exciting. It’s practicing what she preaches and taking the time to be an example of greatness that makes Nailah an inspirational 20-something Business Owner.

You guessed it. Nailah has some great insights to offer:

  1. Don’t’ be embarrassed to ask for help. We can all be great without being great at it all, so don’t worry if you need a little help (in Nailah’s case she let’s someone else deal with her finances).
  2. Listen to yourself. Even though she was working her way to the top, Nailah knew when it was time for a change. Get to know your intuition!
  3. You’ve got a brand to protect. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of building a message you can be proud of.

Check out Nailah’s great site. She even offers free consultations (how can you pass that up?):

I’ve gotten some great feedback (and a bunch of great new interviews coming up). Make sure to leave your comments and keep the discussion going. It’s important that we support one another. And, let me know if you’d like to see your story featured on the blog!

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5 responses to “Meet Nailah Blades – A 20-something Business Owner”

  1. Margaret Jacobsen says :

    I LOVED this! I feel like everything you said about Nailah is stuff I noticed in her when I first met her, even on twitter! Thank you thank you for sharing a bit of her story :)!

  2. Carson Saldivar says :

    Loved this! Nailah’s insights hit home with so many of us and it’s great to know she was able to make the leap out on her own! Great post Donna!

  3. erin @WELL in L.A. says :

    Good stuff! Thank you for sharing! The leap on your own is equally exhilarating and frightening. I think learning to ask for help and partnering with the right people makes all the difference. Loving the two of you collaborating!

  4. okna drewniane Rzeszów says :

    Yes! Finally someone writes about okn.

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