Using Facebook as Your Company Page

Today, I’ve put together a little graphic to help you with your Facebook Page. It can get a little confusing because Pages function a little bit differently than the profiles we’re all so used to. And, since Pages are connected to our personal profiles, people are often hesitant to take full advantage of the communication possibilities a Page can offer.

Before you dig into the graphic, I’d like to clarify one thing (because this is the Facebook question I get most often): Just because your personal account is the admin for your professional Facebook Page, does not mean that your people who like your Page can see any of your personal information. The only person who knows you’re the Page’s admin is you (and any of the other admins you’ve assigned). So, please don’t violate Facebook’s terms of use and create another account.

Now, on to the show!
Please post any questions. There’s only so much info I can cram into this graphic, but I’m happy to help.

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Using Facebook as your company Page rather than your personal profile

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