All-in-one Social Network Updates

Many organizations simply don’t have the time or resources to make an appearance on every social network. But, they still don’t want to miss out on the potential customers that each site has to offer. For that reason, social media update automation tools (like are increasingly popular.

Although I can understand the ease and popularity of these tools for certain blasts, I would not recommend using them all the time and for every network. Here’s why:

  1. It’s extremely annoying for people who follow you on multiple networks to keep seeing the same post pop up.
  2. Each social network’s users have different content expectations. What someone on LinkedIn might care about, is not what someone on Facebook wants to know.
  3. Update frequency is very different from network to network. People expect a lot of updates on their Twitter streams, but they can be easily annoyed with hourly blasts on Facebook
  4. The language is not the same. Hash tags and @ handles work well in the right setting, but that language means nothing on other networks.

Before you feel discouraged, here’s a little tip: it’s better to do one network and do it well than to annoy people simultaneously on every social site.

Do your homework (or hire me to do it for you) to find out where your customers are found online. Once you know that, pick a network and provide people with information that is relevant and timely for the platform. If you are on multiple sites, limit your automated posts to blog updates and press releases. But, make every effort to post unique content to each site.

You can also use a dashboard tool like Tweetdeck to post updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Four Square from one convenient place — without navigating and logging in to each network individually. This allows you to meet the individual needs of each site without taking too much time and effort. It’s the next best time-saver to blasting the same thing out to everyone. It also allows you to monitor your brand and communicate with your customers in real time.

If you’re looking to put together a social media marketing plan for your company, please contact me at 562.345.5034 so that we can chat about your needs.

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