Who are you Talking to? Client Personas

In the last month, I’ve gotten to meet some really amazing people and had some great chats about small business and online marketing. Two of these small business owners – Lindsay Schmidt, the amazing florist and owner of Petalicious and Jackie Jones, the gal behind the lens at jacquelynrachel – both asked me the same question, “Is it alright to blog about my personal life on my professional blog?”

My answer – it all depends…

In reality, the bigger question becomes, “Who am I talking to?”
I encouraged both Lindsay and Jackie to take a step backward and imagine the person who is reading her blog. Not just on a demographic level (woman, 20-35 years old, household income, blah, blah, blah…), but on a personal level.

A few questions I suggest they ask:

  • What is she looking for?
  • What inspires her?
  • What does she talk to her friends about?
  • What’s her personal style?
  • Where else can I find her online?
  • What does she do for a living?

In the beginning, a lot of this might be guesswork. And, for some companies, there might not be one particular client to speak to. But, after time you’ll see a pattern in your consumer base and you’ll better understand their expectations. Just like the people you date or the friends you make, you’re attracting certain people. The more you learn, the more you can hone the personality of your “ideal” client.

Once the above questions are answered, it’s time to give this ideal client a name. Draw a picture of her in your mind (or, if you’re so inclined, on a piece of paper or find a stock image online that represents her). Now when Lindsay (or Jackie) writes a post, she’s not just writing to the masses out there in the world wide web, she’s writing to someone she understands, someone she knows. Now she can get back to the question at hand, “Is it alright to blog about my personal life on my professional blog?” But now, instead of asking me she can ask their ideal client.

So, give it a shot. What’s your client’s name? What does he/she do?

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