The Seven People You’ll Meet on Twitter

So, I’ve been on Twitter for a little while now (@DonnaQueza) and I’ve gotten the chance to meet some amazing, talented tweeters. That said, I’ve also come across some people who I’m sure are amazing and talented in real life, but it doesn’t quite come across on the site. From my experience, below is a list of the seven people you’ll meet on Twitter:

The robot
You just joined Twitter, you’re all alone and looking for friends. Then, something exciting happens — you have a follower. “Wow,” you think. “She’s so pretty and she’s following me. She looks like a model on a stock photography website.” I’m sorry newbie, but she is a stock photo and your first follower is a robot. If you don’t follow her back, you’ll lose her. She’s a very self-serving robot: she never asks how you’re doing, she only talks about herself, she follows all of your friends… It kind of sounds like your last date, right?

The cyborg
Not quite a human, not quite a robot, it’s the cyborg! Some slick person set up a whole bunch of tweets to blast out months in advance. Brilliant, right? Well, not really. The most important part of social sites is the “social” part. You’re not a news feed — you’re a person — so act like one! If you’re going to automate some of your information, make sure you’re tuned in enough to know when you should be a part of the conversation.

The “shhh, I’m talking
This person shares his knowledge, sends out links to interesting blog articles and posts insightful quotes. Inspired, you send a tweet, asking a question. Crickets. Nothing. Don’t be this person. If someone mentions you or asks you a question, make sure to acknowledge. @Hubspot is a great example of how to do Twitter right. They always find time to respond back to followers. Plus, companies that take the time to answer questions see a better ROI.

The “I can’t be expected to keep it to 140”
Twitter limits you to 140 characters. That’s tough. If you have a tough time keeping it simple, start a blog. Try to keep the ellipses and multiple tweets to a limit. No one said this was going to be easy.

The lurker
I suggest you set up alerts to know when people are talking about your company. @FedEx does a good job of this and improves on their customer service by following up on Twitter complaints. What I don’t suggest is lurking around waiting for people to talk about your product or service, popping up and sending some sales information and then disappearing into the background. If you’re going to step into a conversation, make sure you stick around to converse.

The “best friend you never knew you had”
I’ve actually had the unique opportunity to get to know some interesting people on Twitter who have been nice enough to introduce me to other talented professionals in my area. Make sure to nurture these relationships and share the wealth. When you meet someone with great info and a good attitude, let your followers know.

The normal folks
This is who you want to be – yourself. When someone talks to you, talk back. When you have something interesting to say, say it. Share your knowledge with others and find those people whose knowledge you’d like to have. And, when someone says something great, make sure to retweet it.

What do you think? Are these the types of people you’ve met on Twitter? Are there others? What kind of person are you?

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